() One particularly rude Dunkin’ Donuts customer is quickly becoming known across the Internet as the “worst customer ever.”

The female customer went off in the store and demanded free food because she wasn’t given a receipt on a recent purchase. And the polite and patient employee at the receiving end of the woman’s wrath apparently had nothing to do with her complaint.

It is true that Dunkin’ Donuts customers that don’t get a receipt with their order are entitled to a refund on their purchase. But that doesn’t mean you get to treat employees like garbage.

The Huffington Post explains what how it all went down:

In the video, the customer says she should get free food because of Dunkin’ Donuts’ policy that stipulates that customers who do not get a receipt with their order are entitled to refund of their purchase. A Dunkin’ Donuts representative confirmed that the Dunkin’ Donuts featured in the video does abide by the policy.

The unlucky worker who was on duty when the rant occurred offered free goods in exchange for the receipt slip up, but that apparently wasn’t enough to appease the unruly customer.

“This girl was so f**king rude to me and said ‘OK will you can get your order free next time,’ So you know what I told her, I said ‘I want the whole fucking menu b**ch, twice,’” the woman says in the video. “A guarantee is a guarantee and I’ve already called my lawyer and he is already on it.”

“The employee featured in the video really deserves a medal of honor for his calm and collective response. Dunkin’ Donuts, if you’re reading this, give this guy a raise!” HuffPost adds.

“Forget about tracking her down — find this man and give him a serious raise,” Gawker agrees.

This author also believes the man’s professionalism and patience are deserving of a pay bump.

Watch video of the incident below (Warning! Very strong language):

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