A New York woman was fired from her job at McDonald’s last week after she and coworkers paid for the meals of on duty firefighters.

Heather Levia, 23, was working her morning shift as a manager at McDonald’s in Olean, New York when several firefighters came into the restaurant after putting out a house fire in sub-zero temperatures, according to WIVB News 4 Buffalo.

The Olean firefighters ordered $83 of breakfast sandwiches and hash browns and Levia decided to pay for it herself.

“Just because I appreciate everything they do,” Levia told WIVB.

Soon after Levia had paid for the firefighters’ meals, another department arrived and ordered $70 of food.

Levia, wanting to cover this tab too, sent a text message to her boss to see if the company would pay for it. She told WIVB she thought the company might because she claims they regularly give free meals to police officers who come in.

“It’s very common in our store,” said Levia.

However, Levia’s boss told her no, McDonald’s would not donate the food.

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