South Carolina is considering a formal switch from regular license plates to solar-powered plates that will be electronically controlled by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Compliance Innovations, the South Carolina-based company that wants to manufacture the plates and provide them to the state for less than $100 (the normal price is between $3 and $7), has provided a visual on their site. With one swipe of the mouse, a plain plate is emblazoned with bright red “EXPIRED.”

In an effort to make the South Carolinian roads safer, supporters say the goal is to better advertise ‘criminal-status’ to the authorities. The DMV could electronically announce the offense on the license plate, easily broadcasting it to passing police cars.

Compliance Innovation’s site demo displays examples such as “Amber Alert,” “Uninsured,” and “Suspended” in their visual diagram. The idea is that once an offense has been committed, the driver’s license has been suspended, or their insurance has not been paid, the DMV can send an instant announcement electronically.


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