( Cincinnati ) ** Update 4-25-13, 12:00pm ** Messer Construction has released the following statement regarding the injury of a worker:

There was a construction incident on the site of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Location T / Clinical Sciences Building located along Albert Sabin Way this morning. A Messer carpenter was struck during a routine construction procedure involving the removal of scaffolding in which a single piece of scaffolding hand rail broke free. This person has been taken to the hospital and we can confirm that no one else was injured. Construction has resumed at the site.

Original story: 

A construction worker has been taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center after being struck by an object and trapped in a 20-foot trench on Thursday morning. The worker was at the site of the new Clinical Studies Building being constructed on Albert Sabin Way.

Police say the man was struck in the neck and back and then was trapped in the trench at about 8:30am before being rescued. His condition has not been released.