(Mason, OH) -- Kings Island opens for the weekends, starting Friday.  And they've got a new roller coaster: Banshee. It's the world's longest inverted coaster, meaning instead of sitting in a car, the riders' feet dangle.

Don Helbig says they'll have three cars running, and will be able to send about 1,600 riders through an hour.  Banshee is 4,124 feet long, with seven inversions, and it hits 68 miles per hour.

Robb Alvey has ridden more than 1,5oo roller coasters around the world.  He rode Banshee before the sun came up, and says it was an amazing ride.  Alvey says runs a roller coaster enthusiast website, and says Kings Island is known among coaster fans for the different feelings on the rides in the dark. 

Helbig says for the sneak peek this morning, roller coaster enthusiasts came from 28 states, Canada and the United Kingdom.