(Clermont County) -- In 2015, Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park will host the US Rowing Club National Championships.  So, the State of Ohio is putting some money into the park and the facilities around it.  

The regatta is expected to bring 1,500 rowers to the park, over five days.  

But, the work is part of a bigger, statewide plan, to make state parks better.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is spending $88.5 million over the next two years, on 74 different state parks.

In Clermont County, that translates into better road access to Harsha Lake, better campsites, a new beach house, and, in time for next year's regatta, docks for canoes and kayaks.

The Clermont County Convention and Visitors Bureau has announced a capital campaign to go along with the improvements.