(Clifton) – On January 1, two University of Cincinnati students, Chad Kohls and Ellen Garner, died in a house fire.

City Council has since worked to ensure safer student housing and strengthen city laws in response to the deaths in what appeared to be a preventable fire.

Working with city fire and building officials, university partners, and concerned parents, Council has created the Cincinnati Safe Student Housing List. This list includes rental properties of Cincinnati landlords whose properties have been inspected by the Fire Prevention Bureau, a division of the Cincinnati Fire Department. A link to the list will be provided by University of Cincinnati Officials to UC students.

 “The families and friends of Chad and Ellen asked me to do something about bad rental properties around the university that violate fire codes, and they’ve really pushed for creation of a ‘safe’ housing list,” says Council Member Quinlivan.

In accordance with the safe housing list, officials have also created the Tenant-Landloard Contract, or TLC, an agreement by the landlord to provide specific fire safety measures. The tenants must abide by the agreement, which includes photoelectric alrams, easy exits, and non-overcrowding.

Quinlivan and Cincinnati Council expect to pass additional legislation in August to further strengthen fire safety.