(COLUMBIA, MD) - Gunfire has come to a hault at the Mall of Columbia in Maryland on Saturday morning. Police said three people are confirmed dead and four injured. The two who died were both employees at the mall; one male and one female.  The shooter is said to have been the third victim.
       Howard County Police Chief, Bill McMahon, told reporters that the shooter shot two people before taking his own life in a store on the second floor. The identity of the shooter is unkown after he was found near a gun and ammunition. Howard County Police tweeted saying, 'The motive of shooting is unknown. Not determined to be domestic or any other cause at this time. Any other reports are complete speculation.', but there are speculations of it being a domestic dispute.
       The four injured were transported to Howard County General Hospital and all are in good condition. McMahon said one was a shooting victim, another had a twisted ankle, and two had seizures.
       Howard County Police said the mall would be closed through Saturday evening until furter notice.