COLUMBUS, Ohio -- State troopers will be out in force to make sure the estimated 6 million Ohioans traveling this July 4th holiday get where they need to go safely.

"What we see normally over the July 4th weekend is an uptick in impaired driving-related arrests and crashes so that's definitely something that we're going to be focusing on," said Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Anne Ralston.

Last year 263 people were arrested for OVI during the July 4th holiday. There were 87 crashes involving an impaired driver. Ralston says the goal is to lower those numbers this year. To do that they'll be looking for crash-causing violations.

"Whether it be speed, unsafe lane changes, people driving aggressively, or impaired drivers," Ralston said.

This is also the first holiday since the state's new 70 mph speed limits went into effect on rural stretches of interstate. She doesn't think it will have a big impact.

"Because our message is the speed limit is the speed limit," she said.

However, Ralston says they know that as speeds increase so do the chances and seriousness of crashes.

Troopers are also asking that if you see any unsafe drivers to call #677.