(Over-the-Rhine) -- Cincinnati Police Officers were checking an apartment building at 13th and Walnut for trespassers and troublemakers, Tuesday night, and apparently found a couple.

The officers were working an overtime detail, on behalf of the building's owner, and confronted a group of people they didn't recognize as residents.  One man in the group took off, running up a flight of stairs, and officers ran after him.  As he ran, the officer in the lead said he saw a gun in the suspect's hand.  That gun fired.  The second officer sent out a "shots fired at officers" alert, and soon, the area around 13th and Walnut was locked down. 

But Captain Mike John says it doesn't appear the suspect was trying to shoot at the officers.  Instead, the lead officer said it looked like he was trying to hide the 9 millimeter handgun, or get rid of it, when it discharged.

After deciding there was no direct threat, police did a room-to-room search and found the suspect, and another person hiding in an apartment.  They were both taken into custody, but it's not clear what, if any charges they'll face.

The handgun was recovered, and investigators found the bullet hole.  No-one was hurt.