(Clifton) -- Cincinnati City Council is not being asked for financial support, in the effort to bring a grocery store back to an uptown neighborhood.  At least, not yet.  Instead, the resolution, introduced by Vice Mayor David Mann, only states Council's belief that the "highest and best use" for an empty store at 319 Ludlow is a grocery store.

Keller's IGA used to occupy the space, and in 2011, Goessling's announced their plans to open a store there.  But, that fell through, and Clifton has not had a grocery store.

Clifton Town Meeting is now taking matters into their own hands.  They have plans to form a co-op, and re-open the store.  Marilyn Hyland says right now, they're gathering financial support. 

Hyland says the cooperative is a good business model; with members shopping there, and encouraging their friends to go as well.  She says someone would not have to be a member of the co-op in order to be a customer.

While Goessling's plan was still on the table, they fixed many of the structural problems the building had.  Hyland says it essentially is ready to go, just needing design and fixtures.

She says, if everything goes to plan, they could open by June of 2015.

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