(Blanchester) - A Blanchester man is back in jail after being released three months ago.

Rick Williams, 55, was sentenced to an 18-month prison sentence in November of 2012 for drug possession from a Blanchester police investigation.

Williams, however, was released after only serving six months. Prosecutors and police were uninformed of his initial release, but discovered in May that Williams was freed from custody. A warrant for his arrest was issued late last week.

At around 10 p.m. Monday night, officers reported to his home after a traffic complaint was issued by neighbors. Williams was walking down the street near his home when police arrived, arresting him on the warrant.

Police say they found many individuals on William’s property, some of whom unknown by William’s father, who shares the house. According to police, a meth lab was also found at the back of the property.

Williams is currently held in the Clinton County jail and may face additional charges.