CINCINNATI- The Queen City is hosting a movie starring Academy Award Nominee Don Cheadle.

This summer, a major motion picture "MIles Ahead," will be filmed in Cincinnati. The film is about the star jazz player Miles Davis.

Production offices opened in mid-May. Anyone wanting to be an extra, or want to help with the onset equipment are able to start applying online. The films' producers are also asking for anyone to apply who is willing to let them use their vintage car on the set.

Positions available include:



Jazz musicians

Union crew

Non-union crew



Academy Award Nominee Don Cheadle, is set to play Miles Davis and will also be directing the film that he co-wrote. Zoe Saldana and Ewan McGregor will also star. The film described as an exploration of the life and music of Miles Davis, will be entirely filmed in Cincinnati.

This will be the fifth major motion picture to be filmed using the State of Ohio tax incentive.

Movies previously filmed in the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Area Include, Carol filmed in 2014, The Christmas Spirit shot in 2013 and Seven Below filmed in 2012.

For more information and how to apply, click here