(Cincinnati) -- Last fall, then City Manager Milton Dohoney introduced a plan to privatize the City of Cincinnati's parking facilities.  The Xerox Corporation would have upgraded parking meters and collected the revenues, after entering into an agreement with the Port Authority, who would be leasing the meters from the City.  In return, the City would have received millions for economic development projects.

But, the plan ran into stiff opposition, with petitions circulated to force a referendum, and a court fight.  John Cranley criticized the plan, and when he was elected Mayor, killed it.

But now, the idea may still be up for discussion at City Hall.  While nothing has been entered into the public record, Xerox reportedly has made a pitch.  And there could be other companies vying for the job of operating the City's parking meters and parking garages.

Council member Amy Murray says there are a lot of ideas on how to operate the system, including one introduced by the Mayor last week, and she wants to hear them all. 

PG Sittenfeld says his big concern is with local control. "I want to make sure, that at the end of the day, the citizens control our parking asset through City Council."

Kevin Flynn says a study from the Port Authority showed only less than a third of people using the parking meters actually put coins in.  He wants to know who can enforce the meters the best.  Flynn says it shouldn't be a "gotcha" enforcement, but it the system needs to be operated to increase the City's revenue.

Proposals and adjustments to the Mayor's plan will be brought up at the Council's Neighborhoods Committee meeting, Tuesday, February 25th.