(Cincinnati) -- Julie Hautzenroder asked that she not be sentenced to prison, in part because she shouldn't be separated from her eight year old daughter.  But Judge Norbert Nadel says that was not enough to mitigate her punishment.

Hautzenroder was convicted last month of sexual battery over an incident at her home in Loveland.  Two teenage boys spent the night at her place, with alcohol and marijuana, and at least one had sexual contact with Hautzenroder.

Hautzenroder admitted her actions were irresponsible, but didn't want to go to prison.  Assistant prosecutor Josh Berkowitz says a prison sentence was completely appropriate.  Hautzenroder will serve up to two years, with three years community control after her release, and will spend a lifetime on the sex offender registry. 

Judge Norbert Nadel says Hautzenroder doesn't have to report to prison until January 13, 2014, so she could get her affairs in order.