(East Price Hill) -- On Saturday, two people were shot in the front yard of a Warsaw Avenue apartment, right across the street from Cincinnati Police District Three headquarters.  That building is where a SWAT team served the first warrants in a daylong operation to crack down on drugs and violence.

Last January, the number of shootings spiked in the neighborhood. District Three investigators started looking at the numbers, and their intelligence, and identified four street gangs in East Price Hill: Chateau Price Grand, also known as the "Slutty Boys", Skepp Bandz, Get the GWAP, and the Cincinnati White Boys.  A fifth gang was also identified in Madisonville.

Police obtained warrants on 29 people associated with those gangs, and Tuesday morning, went hunting.  As of Tuesday afternoon, they had arrested 14 people on the list, and found another seven identified with outstanding warrants.  Officers also seized firearms and drugs.

Assistant Chief Paul Humphries says the effort was not a sweep.  He says they specifically targeted those responsible for shootings, and those heavily involved in the neighborhood's drug trade.  The raids were part of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence, the CIRV, where suspected offenders are told, get out of the life, or get arrested.

Captain Dan Gerard says overall, they have identified 186 people in District Three who they say are connected to most violent attacks and drug trafficking, and he says they should consider themselves warned.  And he says of those 15 who have not been arrested yet, including one who led officers on a pursuit, they will be turned over to the fugitive apprehension squad.

Gerard says things are turning around in East Price Hill.  He says they are now seeing historically low crime rates.