The first streetcars that transported passengers in Cincinnati were painted orange and that is why the new ones that will hit the streets in 2016 will be orange as well. The design for the individual cars has been revealed by the manufacturer CAF USA.

The city plans to have five streetcars travelling a 3.6 mile route from Findlay Market in Over the Rhine to Second Street. Each car will be gray, white and orange on the outside and grey and white on the inside with blue seats. The cars are due to arrive in Cincinnati in March of 2015 but the streetcar itself will not be ready to run the full route until the following year.

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The total price for phase one of the controversial project is $133 million and Mayoral candidate John Cranley is vowing to try and stop the project if elected. Cranley was hoping that city leaders would put off future work on the streetcar until after the November election but that has not happened.

Here is how Cincinnati's original streetcars looked:

Photos of the streetcar groundbreaking: Click Here