(Cincinnati, Oh.)--Police in full riot gear broke up an out of control party of nearly 500 University of Cincinnati students Saturday night.

Campus police were called out to Stratford Ave. around midnight to disperse the party that started as several smaller party’s that merged into one. Officers say some students pelted the University's cruisers with bottles, and broke a mirror on one cruiser. Police reportedly arrested three people. 

Cincinnati police officers were then called in and 20 officers dressed in riot gear disperse the rest of the crowd.

The party was a trending topic on twitter as students called the event #stratfordpalooza.

Stafford Ave. was the scene of an out of control party in 2003, were 6 people were eventually charged with rioting, when students torched couches and turned over cars. Dozens of Cincinnati Police Officers were called in to control the party known as "Cinco de Stratford." a Police helicopter was also called in to bring the crowd under control.