(Cincinnati, Oh.)--An estimated 240 barrels of Crude Oil leaked into a nature preserve from a break in a pipeline, Tuesday.

The Mid-Valley Pipeline Co. pipeline is largely owned by Sunoco Logistics. A Sunoco spokesman says an estimated 10,000 gallons, leaked from the line, the cause is under investigation.


A Spokesperson for the Colerain Township Fire Department said on Tuesday morning, crews in Colerain Township were alerted to a large oil leak from the pipeline that runs through the Oak Glen Nature Preserve, at about 8:30 p.m. Monday night.


Heather Lauer with the Ohio EPA says the "oil traveled down an intermittent steam and that it did affect this wetland and so, we'll have some contaminated soil and we'll have some contaminated vegetation".


She said due to the threat of rain Tuesday night, crews "will start with vacuuming the wetland and getting the crude out, that they can, they are going to be building a control structure that will keep any more water or oil from getting into that wetland".


Lauer said the oil drained from the pipeline and pooled in an area of about one square acre of wetland. The marsh area contained the crude oil forming a natural barrier keeping it from entering the Great Miami River. "We know that there’s a gravel quarry that’s right next to the site and right now we’ve not gotten any indication, that there are hydrocarbons in the water, in the ground water, in the gravel pit."


The EPA has set up a temporary cleanup camp out of Dravo Park off East Miami River Road that will continue testing samples from the preserve 24/7 for the next week.


This is at least the third time in the last six years that crude oil has leaked from the pipeline in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.


The first was in 2005, when the pipeline ruptured near Carrollton, in January, spilling at least 260,000 gallons of oil into the Kentucky River. The second was in October of 2008, in Burlington, spewing at least 189,000 gallons of crude oil in to a sewer system and nearby Gunpowder Creek. A smaller leak spilled less than 300 gallons of oil on to some property in Burlington in February of 2009, the Company says that small leak was due to cold temperatures.