( College Hill ) - A female officer on routine patrol was flagged down near the corner of Hamilton Avenue and North Bend Road on Wednesday afternoon. That officer fired at least one shot at a suspect, but no one was hurt. 

Chief Jeffrey Blackwell says a car pulled up next to Officer Sabreen Robinson's cruiser, and a woman got out, saying her boyfriend wouldn't get out of the vehicle.  Blackwell says Robinson ordered 23 year old Michael Reese out several times, and he responded by saying she'd have to shoot him to get him out.

Blackwell says at that point, Reese moved his hands to his side, and jerked them up "in a rapid fashion", while holding something black.  He says Officer Robinson believed he was holding a gun, and fired once.  Her shot missed Reese.  He did not have a gun, and instead was holding a pair of black gloves.

Robinson is on administrative leave for seven days, but Blackwell says it appears she acted within Departmental policy.

This was not the first time the 12 year veteran fired her service weapon while on duty.  Blackwell says she fired on a pair of threatening pitbulls, in 2012.

Reese, who has "mental health issues", has been charged with obstructing official business, a second degree misdemeanor.  He had misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.