( Sedamsville, OH ) - Judge Nadine Allen has denied the request made by Deandre Kelley Thursday in which he wanted to attend his daughter’s funeral.  Kelley was charged with fatally shooting his 11-year old daughter, Shanti Lanza, on Sunday. 

Police say the young girl went to her bedroom after her parents starting arguing, and Kelley allegedly fired shots into the air outside of the house. One of the bullets came through the bedroom and hit her.  Kelley’s attorney says the shooting was an accident.

Deter’s said in a press release, “The defendant has been charged with domestic violence three times, but was never convicted because the witness would not cooperate.”  He also mentioned, “He has killed the daughter and the mother wants him to attend the funeral.  This is the end of the road for this enabling.  He needs to be in jail and the rest of them should be looking in the mirror for the reason this little girl is dead.”