(Cincinnati) -- 11 homicides so far this year, but Mayor John Cranley says help is coming.  He's backing a plan to put more cops on the street.  Cranley says the City will hire trained officers from other departments in the short term, and they'll start a new recruit class for the long run.  And for right now, officers will be able to work more overtime hours.

The overtime and lateral hiring will be paid for by $1 million already in the Police Department's budget.  It came from cost cutting, and savings.  Cranley says when City Council starts working on a budget for the next fiscal year, they should appropriate funding for overtime for the second half of the year, and for a new recruit class of police officers.  Five members of Council stood with Cranley at a morning press conference.

Mayor Cranley says there will be renewed support for the Cincinnati Intiative to Reduce Violence, the CIRV, and the Police Department will re-form a gang unit.

Dr. Robin Engel from the University of Cincinnati has been one of the driving forces behind the program, which uses a carrot and stick approach.  The carrot is connecting gang members to social services.  The stick is the threat of incarceration.  Engel says with a gang unit in place, they will be able to back up the warnings with raids and arrests for gang activity.