( Lockland ) - Lockland's school board voted Thursday night to fire its superintendent Donna Hubbard and her son Adam Stewart - the district’s data coordinator - becoming the first Ohio district to push out its top administrator over the recent accusations of student records manipulation.

The small school district is under state investigation for improperly listing 37 Lockland students as withdrawn from the district in 2010-11. The 37 students either failed all or parts of the state achievement or graduation tests. However, according to the state because Lockland listed them as withdrawn, the district and school report card scores were inflated.

Since Ohio rules say not to count student test scores unless a student has had at least 120 days of instruction, Hubbard said she believed she was doing the responsible thing, not cheating. Hubbard said the 36 contested students were frequently absent for a variety of reasons.

The board voted 3-1 to fire Hubbard and unanimously to fire Stewart after a two-and-a-half-hour closed-door meeting.

Hubbard both spoke in defense of the practice of “scrubbing” the attendance data, with their lawyer Konrad Kircher calling the process “correcting” the data.

Kircher also stated that since state Auditor Dave Yost asked all Ohio districts to self-report their own improper student data, at least 25 other districts responded by Monday. Those include Columbus City Schools, Lockland and Toledo, however Yost has said he will investigate 100 more districts.