(Florence, KY) -- The Cincinnati Enquirer first reported the Kenton County Airport Board, which governs the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, spent more than $140,000 on travel, lodging and food over the last two years, and another $120,000 on human resource consultants.

The Kentucky State Auditor wants to know if that money was well spent.

Adam Edelen says he's not going to color his office's investigation with preconceived ideas, but he says there are some red flags.  He says it's possible the travel expenses were legitimate, and within the board's policy and goals, and the audit will determine if that's true.  But he says if the money spent was excessive, and didn't benefit the airport, then board members ought to lose some sleep over the audit. 

Edelen says while they will issue a final report, his office doesn't have the power to order restitution or to file charges.