(Walnut Hills) -- Drug use is down, overall, among junior and high school students in the Tri-State.   Mary Haag with the Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati says  marijuana use is up slightly since 2010, but across the board, along with alcohol, tobacco, it's trending down over the last 14 years.  

Haag says it may be because of the legalization efforts in other states.  She says having the drug be legal in some states, but not in others, sends a mixed message to kids.  She says its reflected in the number of kids who say they think marijuana is harmful.  That statistic has been dropping. 

While the debate over marijuana is national, and ongoing, Hamilton County Commission President Chris Monzel says it's up to parents to tell their kids the effort drugs will have on their lives.

Just over 56,000 middle school and high school students answered a survey about substance use in the last 30 days.  Nearly 89% said they hadn't smoked pot, slightly less than a year ago.