(Cincinnati) -- There was supposed to be a hearing, Wednesday, on the ongoing suit between Western Southern and the Anna Louise Inn, but Judge Norbert Nadel granted a continuance, and the friends of the women's shelter aren't sure why.

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Kate Gallion says she's not surprised. She says the insurance giant is stalling, in hopes of "exhausting" the supporters of the Anna Louise Inn, and forcing a sale.

After their offer to buy the Anna Louise Inn was rejected, Western Southern sued Cincinnati Union Bethel, the owners of the property, and the City, claiming the programs offered at the shelter violated zoning rules.

Gallion calls Western Southern's actions a "shameful, blatant real estate grab".  The company wants to turn the Anna Louise Inn into condos, and the neighborhood around Lytle Park, into an entertainment zone.  The fight over the property has lasted nearly two years.

Gallion says they'll keep fighting, because right is on their side