(Hamilton, Oh.) -- After hearing arguments about a village's use of speed cameras, a Butler County Judge has ordered the village to stop using the automated cameras.


The most recent battle with speed cameras is in New Miami.  A lawsuit was filed last year, after a ruling in Hamilton County which ordered a halt to the use of speed cameras in the Cincinnati area village of Elmwood Place.  Motorists say their due process rights are being violated and they do not have much of a chance to contest camera-produced tickets.


Attorneys said Tuesday that Judge Michael Sage, should reject the claims, or wait until the Ohio Supreme Court rules on a similar pending case involving Toledo's traffic cameras.  Sage said he would issue an injunction to stop their use for now, but the ruling will likely be appealed. 


Sage also mentioned the lawsuit does meet the requirements for class-action certification.  Attorney's reportedly said Tuesday, up to 15,000 drivers could be included in a class action suit after being issued $95 tickets. 


Elmwood Place has collected an estimated $1 Million in fines so far from the tickets.