(Cincinnati)- The death of an inmate in April may have been caused by an overdose of his prescription drugs, and heroin, which may have been smuggled in by other inmates.

The Sheriff’s Office says 23-year-old James Barton took the prescription drugs and snorted them. Just before he died, he had a bloody nose and claimed that it was because of the dry air in his prison cell.

Inmates have admitted that while doing community service in Over-the-Rhine, drugs were brought to them and then were smuggled into the jail.

One theory Sgt. William Rarrick believes is inmates that carry the drugs would drop small amounts of the drugs on the floor before they are searched.  Inmate janitors usually sweep up the drugs and use them for drug dealing within the inmate population.

He says that he believes this because two other inmates tested positive for cocaine and never left the jail.

After Barton’s death, the Sheriff’s Office stopped letting inmates leave the jail cells for outside community service and are revisiting their policies.

Barton was in jail for two months when he died.  He had been arrested for stealing credit cards from doctors’ offices.