She blames Newsradio 700WLW's Bill Cunningham and legal analyst Mike Allen. Indicted Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter says the two of them have made it impossible for her to get a fair trial in Hamilton County.


In court documents the attorney for Hunter argues that Cunningham and Allen who are both attorneys have violated the Ohio Rule of Professional Conduct by making public comments regarding Hunter that are clearly false or reckless.


Cunningham said about Judge Hunter on 700WLW Tuesday, “The witnesses’ against her, in front of the grand jury are primarily black, she wants to make this black against white…”


Hunter has asked for a change of venue to have her case moved outside of southwest Ohio, A hearing for all the motions in the case including the possible change of venue is scheduled for June 5.


The motion goes on to say that the publicity about the case has been so pervasive and prejudicial that any attempt to seat a jury in Hamilton County would be futile.


Cunningham adds "She has held numerous public rallies, in which press releases are issued to the media, telling the media come and cover me, and then she complains about the coverage, that she set up."


 The case of Judge Hunter is set for trial on September 8th before Judge Norbert Nadel. She has plead not guilty to 9 felony counts of tampering with evidence, forgery and theft in office.


She is accused of misusing a county credit card and falsifying court documents.


Bill Cunningham spoke with attorney Lisa Wells on Newsradio 700WLW, listen to the full podcast here.