(Cincinnati) -- Governor John Kasich has signed House Bill 533 at Paul Brown Stadium Wednesday afternoon. The bill allows for all-electronic tolling throughout Ohio, but also clears part of the way for paying for the Brent Spence Bridge replacement. Tolling had been offered up as a solution to the $2.6 billion dollar price tag for the project.

Much of the resistance to tolling has come from Northern Kentucky.  Ohio's Governor says he gets that, but Governor Kasich says tolls are the only way to pay for the project.

Kentucky still hasn't passed a similar measure.  Governor Kasich says he has faith in his Kentucky counterpart to get it done, but also says business leaders in Northern Kentucky need to put pressure on their lawmakers.

Kentucky's version of the bill included a line expressly prohibiting tolls on any bridge between the two states.  And that's why Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear vetoed the measure.  Unless he calls lawmakers back, for a special session, it will have to wait.  And that will be another delay to replace the functionally obsolete bridge, because it doesn't look like the federal government will pay for a replacement.

Ohio's legislation would allow for traffic cameras to be installed to photograph license plate numbers so a toll bill can be mailed to the vehicle owner if the vehicle doesn't have an electronic responder.  State Senator Bill Seitz says the bill also prohibits toll cameras from being used for other data mining purposes.