( Cincinnati ) - A Hamilton County Grand Jury has indicted five people in an assault downtown over Memorial Day weekend.

23-Year-Old Matthew Johnson, 21-year-old Joshua McCoy, 22-year-old Onea Lapsley, and 19-year-old Yahdea Brown are all charged with felonious assault, misdemeanor assault, aggravated riot, ethnic intimidation. A 17-year-old is facing similar juvenile charges.

Police say the group attacked 23-year-old Jon Deters and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Allison Crable, as they walked along West 9th street on May 24. Prosecutors say a third victim was attacked beforehand in a different location.

Deters and his sister are the children of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (pictured). Because of that, a member of the Ohio Attorney General's office is prosecuting the case.