( Wayne Twp ) - For the second time in about a week, a Butler County teen has tried to burn a house down to kill people inside.

The latest case happened Wednesday night on Waynes Trace Road. The Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says a 14-year-old foster child originally from Franklin County, Ohio, tried to burn down his foster parents' house.

The child's foster mother pulled the boy out of his burning bed. The child suffered some minor burns and smoke inhalation, but none of the other people in the house were injured.

Jones says the teen threatened to come back and "do it again" in addition to outfitting a baseball bat with blades or spikes and using it as a weapon.

The child is charged with multiple counts including delinquency by reason of aggravated arson and attempted murder. A court will decide if the boy will be tried as an adult. He's in the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center.

Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old from Liberty Twp allegedly tied his parents' bedroom door shut and started a fire. That boy's father jumped from a second story window, breaking his leg. The mother was rescued by firefighters.