(Cincinnati) -- The planning is already underway to host the 2015 Major League Baseball All Star Game, and it has been for some time.

Julie Calvert of the Convention and Visitors Bureau was a member of a team that went to Minneapolis over the weekend to see how this year's event was handled.  The City of Cincinnati, and the Reds also sent representatives.

The trip convinced Calvert there's a lot to do between now and next July.  She says there's planning to be done for all of the different events and activities surrounding the game, but essentially, Cincinnati is ready to host the all star game.  Calvert says Fountain Square, Over-the-Rhine and the Banks all make up the infrastructure necessary to play host to the 200,000 visitors expected.  And that's what helped convince MLB to bring the All Star Game to the Tri-State.

She says if the City had not hosted the World Choir Games in 2012, it never could have won the right to host the All Star Game.

The All Star Game is Major League Baseball's event, but according to the Vice President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau it is a chance for Cincinnati to shine.  Calvert says hosting the game and all of the festivities around it won't be easy, or cheap, but, it will return huge dividends. 

Visitors will spend money on hotels, food, drink and souvenirs, and that translates into business and tax revenue.  But there are intangibles too.  Calvert says the All Star  Game will give a lot of visitors their first look at the Tri-State, and some will return, bringing conventions and more visitors with them.  And some could be convinced to bring their businesses here.