( Colerain ) - The families of four black students at Colerain High School filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Northwest Local School District and members of the Colerain Police Department for their investigation into and discipline of the teens for rap videos.

Attorneys for the families say the videos were made off of school property, but on April 10, students were taken to a windowless room at the school by armed police officers, and questioned about alleged gang membership. The lawsuit says hand gestures in the videos made some parents and students "uncomfortable," and that the subsequent suspension and expulsion of the teens was to "placate the unfounded fears of a few parents and students about a nonexistent criminal gang at Colerain High School."

They're asking for a declaration that what the school and police did was unconstitutional, a full record expungement, and compensatory and punitive damages.

A statement from Northwest Local Schools says that "the district was well within its rights... and all students were afforded due process..." It also says that students of other races were disciplined as well.