(Cincinnati) -- Before the traditional construction season even begins, Downtown streets are already filled with orange barrels, traffic cones, and detour signs.  But, the City of Cincinnati wants to make navigation a little easier.

The City has hired two contractors to meet that end.  And they're working on an online information clearinghouse for drivers.

Race, between 5th and 6th is impaired, because of the new dunnHumby building.  A boutique hotel on Walnut has limited lanes between 4th and 5th.  There's also construction work on buildings at 7th and Broadway, and 6th and Walnut that's expected to cause problems for motorists.  And streetcar tracks are being laid along Central Parkway, soon to move into the Central Business District.

City spokesperson Meg Olberding says the two contractors will be trying to coordinate the work between the different projects, so they're not tripping over each other.  She says they don't want to have to close traffic lanes, but they will for safety purposes.  And Olberding says they'll try to be as efficient as possible when they do.

Olberding says the contractors have been visiting businesses along the streetcar route, talking to owners and employers to let them know what to expect when the crews start putting in the rails.

To help drivers, the City is preparing a website, RoadmapCincy, to list all the projects that are affecting traffic, what lanes will be closed, and when the work is expected to be completed.  The website should be live, next week.