(Mt. Auburn) -- On Sunday night, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed the state's next spending plan into law.  But, Democrats are unhappy parts of the budget.

State Representative Connie Pillich says the budget was hijacked by extremists. And she says they're using it to attack health care for women.  Pillich says Planned Parenthood, and other public health clinics have lost state funding.  Abortion foes have long been critical of Planned Parenthood, but Pillich says the clinics provide quality health care to thousands of women, many of them from low income households.

Emily Mocahbee has been a patient of Planned Parenthood for years.  She says she doesn't know what she'll do if the clinics close.  She says it's difficult for her to understand why the health of so many women is being jeopardized over the issue of abortion.

Pillich says Republicans should be fighting for Planned Parenthood.  She says they should be fighting for affordable birth control.

The Democrat from Montgomery says the Ohio Legislature has squandered a chance to address the real concerns of middle class Ohioans: jobs and the economy.