(West End) -- Those in favor of, and opposed to a protected bicycle lane along Central Parkway crowded into City Hall, Monday afternoon, as the Neighborhoods Committee heard about the plan.

Opponents say the bike lane would reduce parking along Central Parkway.  Tim Hanes owns a business there, and says even though the parking restrictions would change during the day, depending on the morning or afternoon rush hour, it would still detrimental to his customers.

Nern Ostendorf, president of Queen City Bike, says Central Parkway is perfect for the lane, and both cyclists and motorists would benefit.  She says a safer street would encourage more people to bicycle to work, and that would mean less traffic. 

She says they don't want to hurt businesses, and will look at alternatives.

One such plan discussed at City Hall was a widening of Central Parkway.  But that would add cost to the project, and remove trees from alongside the road.

The Council committee was not scheduled to take any action today.