It started as a domestic dispute between a mother and son in Walnut Hills. Two people are dead at a home on Lincoln Avenue, one of them shot to death by Cincinnati Police.

Assistant Police Chief James Whalen said officers were responding to a report of a stabbing at the home when they were confronted by a man coming out of the house with a long gun.

Gregory Sanders, 37, picked up a rifle with a bayonet and approached officers. Police say he ignored numerous verbal warnings and aimed the rifle at them. The officers, who took positions behind cruisers, fired 20 shots at Sanders. He was killed. The police officers were not injured.

Whalen said that Sanders' rifle was not loaded. He added that officers did not know that at the time shots were fired. 

Once the shooting stopped, officers entered the house and found the body of Deborah Sanders, the mother.  She had been stabbed to death.  It is not clear what prompted the domestic dispute. 

Police say that Gregory Sanders was his mother's caretaker. She suffered from brain cancer. Neighbors said that Sanders recently appeared stressed. 

Four officers are on leave for seven days, which is standard procedure after a police action shooting.  They are Officers Kenneth Grubbs, Stephanie Greene, Michael Moore, and William Keuper. Grubbs, Greene and Moore fired the actual shots. Keuper was not right there, and did not fire his weapon. 

Whalen says it appears that proper police procedures were followed.