(  Covington, Kentucky ) - Covington Firefighters Local 38 says they want staffing levels returned to where they were before Bob Due (pictured) said cuts had to be made.

Due's been in jail since last year when he was accused of stealing money from the city. The Kentucky Auditor last week issued a report that said due stole $793,000 from 2001 to 2013. The report also said a lack of oversight in Covington contributed to the money going missing for so long.

Firefighters say they agreed to pay more for health care and other concessions to avoid layoffs -- all based on Due's reports. Secretary/Treasurer for Local 38 Tyler Cherry says the city offered a "sweetener" for the concessions that would have 30 firefighters working every day. But that deal was rescinded a few months later, and the city's busiest water-carrying pumper, "Pumper One," has been idle for nearly every day since September 26, 2011.

Cherry says the union just wants to get back to that 30 firefighter staffing level. He says they're not interested in going back over the original concessions.