(Cincinnati, Oh.)--Brogan Dulle the University of Cincinnati student who was found dead days after going missing, was drunk the night he disappeared. Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco, has confirmed that foul play was not involved in Dulle's death.


Dulle was last seen on Sunday, May 18, 2014 after he left his apartment around 3am to search for his lost cell phone. Surveillance video shows the 21 year-old using a flashlight as he walked near his East McMillan apartment.


Search parties canvased the area near UC in Clifton, Clifton Heights, Over-the-Rhine and downtown for the next seven days. Volunteers set up a booth at the Taste of Cincinnati on Memorial Day weekend to pass out fliers. Friends and family also created a Facebook page in an effort to find the missing UC student and a $30,000 reward for information to his location was offered.


On May 26, Dulle's body was discovered in the basement of vacant building next door to his apartment.


Police say Dulle was found hanging by a cord with a bottle of wine sitting near him, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said at the time that Dulle also had a crowbar.


The report shows that on the night of his suicide, Dulle had a blood-alcohol level of .191 -- more than twice the legal limit for drivers. The official autopsy report says that Dulle died within minutes and that he did not have any head trauma or hemorrhages. His official cause of death is listed as asphyxia due to ligature by hanging.