( Cincinnati ) - The legal fight over the plan to lease city parking garages and meters to the Port Authority still isn't over, but City Manager Milton Dohoney signed the lease on Tuesday.

Council passed the multi-million dollar plan earlier this year, but a group against the plan got a Hamilton County judge to block it. The city took the case to an appellate court, and that three-judge panel ruled the plan can proceed.

On Tuesday, the lease was signed, but City Councilmembers are looking to make changes to the deal. Those changes could involve reducing times that people have to pay to park. In exchange, the city would get less than the $92 million guaranteed up front.

"I'm looking at a motion right now that I'm going to be signing that says 'give us this plan by the August meeting of council.' There's another directive that we've given them to minimize the use of the parking lease funds to balance budgets," said Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan. She says there are still parts of the deal that would be good for the city, but they're looking to get more.

The group against the plan is still hoping to get the Ohio Supreme Court to hear their case.