(Cincinnati) -- Hamilton County Commissioners ended their meeting, Monday morning, without giving a clear indication of whether they'd vote to put the so-called Icon Tax on the ballot for a county-wide vote in November.  One hinted he'd support it, while the other two commissioners were not all that supportive. 

But, now Cincinnati City Council has added money to the pot, and that could bolster support among the County leaders.  A Council committee pledged $200,000 a year for 25 years, for maintainance at both Music Hall and Union Terminal.

The President of the Hamilton County Commissioners presented his own solution, while Todd Portune indicated support for the proposed Icon Tax.  The swing vote, Greg Hartmann, will have to decide Wednesday.  The measure would create a quarter-cent sales tax to fund renovations at Union Terminal and Music Hall. 

Chris Monzel says Music Hall should be dropped from the plan and covered only by the City of Cincinnati.  Hartmann was holding his decision to see if City Council would commit the $10 million toward repairs.

The City Council's Budget and Finance Committee approved the pledge, 6-0, which indicates it will pass the full Council, which also meets Wednesday.

Wednesday is the deadline for issues to be placed on the ballot.