(Cincinnati)--Dozens of UC students were forced out of their dorms Tuesday morning, after a frozen pipe in the sprinkler system at the Stratford Heights dorm on the UC campus, forced dozens of students out of their dorm rooms.

Round 3:30 a.m. hundreds of gallons of water flowed though the lower floors and basement of the main tower, which houses 150 students. The amount of water damaged at least 14 dorm rooms so badly it’s still unknown when those students will be able to return.

The main tower, houses at least 150 students, most of whom were able to return to their rooms around 6:30 Tuesday morning.

Around 4am Tuesday, a pipe burst in a Linn Street apartment building, sending gushing water into at least two apartments. Water from the broken pipe gushed outside of the building, freezing on the outside walls and steps.

The frigid air has kept many people indoors in the Midwest. In Indianapolis, mayor Mike Pence asked early Tuesday morning for schools and businesses to remain closed for a second day, as temperatures hover around minus 11 degrees.

Highs on Tuesday in the Cincinnati area is expected to be around 9 degrees. Wind chill temperatures are forecasted to be 20 to 30 degrees below zero. A wind chill warning remains in effect for the entire Tristate until 5 o-clock Tuesday afternoon.

Most schools in the area decided to cancel classes Tuesday because of the extreme cold including The University of Cincinnati.