( Hamilton ) - The body of a 15-year-old boy has been recovered after a water accident in the Great Miami River Canal behind the 800 block of Joe Nuxhall Boulevard Tuesday night.

Investigators say William Allen was fishing with his friends and opted to swim across the canal to get a better spot. They made it half way before Allen started to struggle. Allen’s friend tried to help him, but could not bring him to shore because the current started to take them under. Allen's friend was able to make it to shore.

Another friend, a 15-year-old female, was found hanging on a tree limb in the water.  She was rescued by firefighters and taken to Fort Hamilton Hospital. She is in good condition.

The Regional Water Rescue Unit was able to locate Allen through advanced sonar equipment. 

“This is tragic,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones.  “I know that canal well, having grown up in Hamilton’s North End.  As a kid, I swam and canoed right there where this happened.  I guess I was lucky that something like this didn’t happen back then.  This is a very sad reminder that rivers and waterways really are not meant to be play areas.”