(Over-the-Rhine) -- There's a new home for the Cincinnati Recreation Commission's Golden Gloves/Police Athletic League Olympic Boxing Center: above an old pool at the OTR Recreation Center.

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The pool was closed in 2009, because it was leaking, and the cost of repairs was prohibitive.  CRC Director Christopher Bigham says they hate having wasted space, so, during a brainstorming session in January, they pitched the idea of moving the boxing program.  That program, he says, had outgrown its home in Mount Auburn.

Bigham says they took program sponsor Buddy LaRosa to see the facility, and he loved it.  The pool was filled, and paved over, and plans are underway to turn it into a "world class" amateur boxing facility.  City Councilman Wendell Young says the boxing program is about more than teaching kids how to fight.  He says it teaches respect and pride.

When it's completed, the center will have two rings during training, and one ring with seating for events.  Right now, about 100 youths participate in the program, and Bigham says with the new space, they may be able to grow to 120 kids.