Update: Police Chief Tim Sabransky says bomb sniffing K-9's found no traces of a bomb but officers will remain on the scene through Friday as a precaution. The schools will remain closed for the rest of Thursday. Most students have already been picked up by parents. Chief Sabransky says they are investigating who sent the e-mail.

(Loveland) A parent reported to 700WLW students were being turned away from entering Loveland Middle School Thursday morning. A father was told to return his son home after attempting to drop him off. He was told by school staff they were not letting students enter the building due to a "major immediate problem". Chief Information Officer for Loveland Schools Heather Higdon says School staff received a threatening e-mail. She says police are doing a security sweep of Loveland Middle and Intermediate Schools as a precaution. Higdon says students have been moved to the Primary and Elementary Schools until police have completed their investigation and given an all clear signal. She says they don't expect the situation to last the entire school day and expects student to be returned to their classrooms at some point. Higdon says an alert has been posted on the school districts website and update will follow. 

This message was posted on the Loveland School District Facebook Page:

Senior administrators received an email indicating a bomb threat for Loveland Middle School (LMS). The decision was made to transport all LMS and Loveland Intermediate School students to the primary and elementary buildings. The Loveland City Police Department is working with the district to ensure the buildings are safe for students. They are bringing in K-9 units to search the buildings. All students and staff are safe. We will update you on the situation. Any concerned parent is welcome to pick up their student at the elementary and primary school.