(Cincinnati) The warmer weather not only brings stormy weather, but also scammers who may take advantage of a power outage. Duke energy spokesperson Sally Thelen said if a worker shows up at your door unexpectedly asking to come in she says to pick up the phone.

"If you have any concerns at all if that workers are out there on a legitimate run ot not....we want to hear from you if someone is knocking on your door misrepresenting themselves,we'll let you know if they're supposed to be there," said Thelen.

Thelen said unless there's an unexpected power outage. Most work is scheduled ahead of time and customers will be notified  by mail or e-mail about workers who will be in their area.

Thelen also said scammers commonly use the phone to get to their victims...

"Whether it's a phishing sceme or somebody calls and trys to get your personal or account information, or they call you on the phone and say you have to send a certain amount of money or they'll cut off your utility within the hour," said Thelen

Thelen said legitimate company representatives will never ask you for your account number or personal information attached to your account because they already have it saved in their customer files.