( Cincinnati ) - Seven people have been arrested following a 6 month-long investigation into a marijuana distribution network in the Tri-State.
On Monday, members of the Clermont County Narcotics Unit and the Cincinnati Police Department Major Drug Offenders Unit executed 8 search warrants, 5 in Clermont County and 3 in the City of Cincinnati.  
The following items were recovered during the search warrants:
·         316 pounds of Marijuana
·         $25,000 U.S. Currency
·         55 Firearms
·         Several thousand rounds of ammunition
·         10 Automobiles
·         1 Fishing Boat
·         Computers
·         Documents
The following individuals were arrested and charged with Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking:
1.       Thomas Awad, Sr., white male, 6/14/55
2.       Tomas Awad, Jr., white male, 3/30/90
3.       Michael Awad, white male, 5/3/48
4.       Richard Awad, white male, 8/23/51
5.       Ronald Day, white male, 11/6/45
Angela Hale was also taken into custody and charged with Tampering with Evidence. Jonathan Jacobs was arrested as well on an open warrant. 
Additional arrests and charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues, and when the case is presented to the Grand Jury.