(Cincinnati, Oh.)--At least 49 dead and decaying horses and 15 emaciated horses were found on a property in Butler Kentucky, Monday.

The 63 year old owner of the farm on KY 177 near US 27 is charged with 49 counts of not disposing of a dead animal, and 15 counts of animal cruelty. Larry Browning has not been arrested but will be arraigned next week.

Scott Pracht, Pendleton County’s Equine Investigator, says "this is the worst case of animal cruelty, and finding deceased animals that I've found in my 9 years of doing animal control."

Pracht says they received a report of a single dead horse lying in a creek on the property. When animal control officer’s arrived they counted 49 deceased horses "5 to 6 of them still decaying (in creeks)...the rest of them were skulls and bones..." Pracht said.

The fields, were just mud said Pracht, no grass was growing only a small amount of hay was found and no grain was found in the barn. Pracht said "there was a hay bale inside the creek with the horses eating out of it, with a dead horses in the creek on each side of the hay bale that they were eating from."

He believes several horses starved to death saying "some of them were actually entangled in barbed wire and you can see scrapes on the tree were it was trying to kick and get away from the barbed wire, but just was unable to, and I would assume end up dying of starvation from not being able to actually break free from the barbed wire that was around 3 or 4 different horses out there.

Pracht says he hopes with a conviction on the charges Browning is facing, he can get the rest of the roughly 3 dozen horses left on the property, surrendered to the Pendleton county animal control and try to find them new homes.

The 15 that were removed are in the care of northern Kentucky veterinarian’s, and could possibly be put up for adoption.

Neighbors had reported that people would just drop off horses at the property but Pracht believes that is untrue saying "I do believe that he owned all those horses and that all those horses had been under his care for some time."