(Cincinnati) -- Today was the day the City Manager's Office was supposed to forward a recommended budget to the Mayor.  It's not done yet.   The Acting Budget Director says they should have it in the next few days.

Budget and Finance Committee chair Charlie Winburn says right now, they're hearing from department heads about their budget needs, and then, they'll have three public hearings, for input.  But, he wants Council to approve a spending plan for the next year no later than June 4th.

Councilman Kevin Flynn says the administration has been very forthcoming, answering his questions about city spending.  But, he still sees some contention ahead, in the process, because there will have to be cuts.

Flynn says they're starting at least $19 to 20 million in the hole.  And that deficit could climb, he warns, because of "accounting tricks" from previous years.  He says the City borrowed from Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts, and has not paid the money back.

The previous administration had a philosophy that revolved around spending to grow the tax base.  And while property values in the city have stabilized, and tax revenues have been climbing, the income has been outpaced by expenses.

Flynn says he will not support any budget that isn't structurally balanced.